VIDEO: UFC 146 Primetime: Dos Santos vs. Mir (EPISODE 1)

UFC Primetime is back on FX with the ninth installment of the series, this time highlighting the UFC 146 main event between heavyweight champion Junior “Cigano” dos Santos and Frank Mir. Episode one of the three-part series aired Friday night on FX, and featured an inside look at the lives and training camps of the two superstars set to meet in one of the most lucrative prizes in combat sports.

The fight between dos Santos and Mir was put together rather abruptly after former number one contender Alistair Overeem was forced off the card a number of weeks ago. Mir stepped up to the challenge of facing the Brazilian champion and has the opportunity to become a three-time UFC champion. With just three weeks until the fight, watch as cameras follow dos Santos and Mir in real time as the weeks wind down to the May 26 bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Junior Dos Santos
“When I watched the Frank Mir fight against ‘Big Nog’ and there was a terrible fight for us, you know, the Brazilians. ‘Big Nog’ is so tough man, so tough he never going to tap. So, that was a problem, cause he didn’t tap and he got the arm broken.”

“People think that it’s going to be like revenge for us, this fight. That was a bad moment for ‘Big Nog’ and a good moment for Frank Mir. But what I want to do in my fight is I want to give the bad moment for him. I’m ready to fight five rounds, but it’s not going to be by decision. I’m going to knock him out.”

“I was from a very poor family, so I didn’t have good opportunities, you know? I discovered a way for me to be bigger than I ever dreamed before. I have dreams, and this one was my dream, and now I’m the champion I’m really happy, I’m living really good things in my life and, you know, everything is great. I can see in the eyes of people when they come to talk with me that I’m important for them.”

“He’s not a man. He gives up. Against Shane Carwin, he pretended he was hurt. He’s full of it.”

Frank Mir
“I’m extremely capable of taking his belt. If he underestimates me I’m very capable of ending the night very quickly. He’s a pretty elite athlete, I don’t think he wants one of his joints smashed.”

“I’ve already proven what I want to prove years ago as a martial artist. I have a certain satisfaction now of my career, of who I am and of what I’ve been able to accomplish. There’s no ego anymore I could care less. It’s like ‘Yeah, you’re tough, I’m tough, everybody’s tough’. I have three kids and I have two belts, when I pass away and we have to divide it up I don’t want them to have an argument who doesn’t get a belt, so I have to make sure that before I retire I get a third one so it makes that argument easy.”

“JDS is a young guy, if I catch him in a hold and he taps, he lives to fight another day. If I catch him in a hold and he decides not to tap, that limb is it ever going to be the same? I have enough of a history about me now that if you get locked in a hold of mine and you choose not to tap, that’s something you’ve trained for for weeks coming up to it, you’ve watched my videos, you’ve studied me. If you make that mistake, then that’s your fault, that’s not mine. What is your life going to be like afterwords? And what is your career going to be like afterwards? I’m bigger and stronger. One wrong mistake and now he’s in trouble and has to tap or deal with the consequences.”

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  • RampageLOL

    Frank Mir is going to snap Junior’s arm just like he did to Nogueira. I’m putting some cash on Mir for this fight cause he is going to come out with the belt for the third time.

    Who’s with me?

    • http://sherdog vishal-ajj

      LOL @ you … JDS VIA Beat down in the first round

  • Black Jew

    JDS will KO Mir with one hand tied behind his back. Mir will look like a girl scout in this fight.