VIDEO: UFC 145 Primetime: Jones vs. Evans (EPISODE 2)

UFC Primetime is back for episode two of the eighth installment of the series. The documentary-style show highlights the UFC 145 main event between light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Rashad Evans. Episode one of the three-part series aired Friday night on FX, and featured an inside look at the lives and training camps of the two superstars set to meet in one of the most anticipated championship fights in UFC history.

The fight between Jones and Evans is over one year in the making. The No. 1 and No. 2 ranked 205-pound fighters on the planet were once friends and teammates under coach Greg Jackson in Albuquerque, NM., however a series of riffs in their relationship led to each fighter having a strong distain for the other. With just three weeks until the fight, watch as cameras follow Jones and Evans in real time as the weeks wind down to the Apr. 21 bout at the Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Jon Jones
“I feel like I’m more skilled than him. I feel like I’m younger than him. I feel like I work harder than him and I also know that I do the extra. And I feel like when you do the extra you should never doubt yourself.”

“Rashad really means nothing to me, he’s just a pawn on a chess board. I don’t fight out of hatred for him because I really don’t hate him. He’s said that beating me means more to him than winning the belt, I mean if that’s the attitude he’s bringing into it I’m excited because he’s not going to get either.”

“When I joined mixed martial arts I had this conviction and this fire. That I would one day be one of the greatest fighters to ever live. I truly fight for the people who support me, the people who really understand the type of person that I am. I figure that as long as I know who I am, it won’t matter. I think I can be better than I can even fathom right now. I’m grateful for that attitude. For the people that find me cocky, they don’t realize what I’ve been through in my life.”

Rashad Evans
“True strength is not measured when your at your strongest, but when you’re at your weakest. I know I won’t get broke, I know I won’t be broken by anybody.”

“Nobody owns the spotlight. It’s just you stand there, and then the spotlight moves, and then it moves, and then it moves, and then it moves. It’s fifty-fifty. I want to win, he wants to win. I’m praying to god, he’s praying to god. This is serious for me. I’m going to go in there and fight somebody.”

“I never want to lose again and I will fight to my last breathe to make sure that don’t happen. I want to make him look at life a little differently, you know what I’m saying. I want to change his life.”

YouTube Preview Image Video courtesy of UFC

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