VIDEO: Stephan Bonnar Trains For UFC 153 Bout With Anderson Silva

(Photo via MMATKO)

Video of Stephan Bonnar “training” for his UFC 153 light heavyweight bout with Anderson “The Spider” Silva has surfaced, and it makes you wonder how serious “The Ultimate Fighter” season 1 runner-up is taking the bout, which take place Oct. 13 at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

The video, which if you haven’t noticed by now isn’t actually of Bonnar training, is of Bonnar on a boat with a group friends and shows “The American Physcho” swinging punches at a fish on a hook.

Bonnar has relished the underdog roll since the fight was announced, writing message on Twitter such as “What!!! I’m only a 13 to 1 underdog vs Anderson? I must be better than I thought” and “I’ve been bit by a brown recluse spider and a camel spider…and pretty soon an @spideranderson haha”, but is this too much? Is Bonnar taking the fight seriously? You be the judge.

YouTube Preview Image Video courtesy of Wargo205

Posted by Fight Cove Staff | Media
  • RampageLOL

    You can’t really judge if Bonnar is taking the fight seriously or not by this video, but it seems a little unwise for him to be participating in such unsafe activities so close to the fight.

    • ReallyNow?

      You’re joking, right? He’s on a fishing boat… Not in front of a volcano… Unsafe activities, my ass.

      • RampageLOL

        Looks pretty unsafe to me. Rocky waters, no lifejackets, goofing around. Just seems unnecessary.

        • ben dover

          ya he really should be in a straight jacket locked inside a rubber walled room. Fighters really shouldnt be allowed to train with a fight scheduled either.