VIDEO: Rashad Evans Says He Has Improved More Than Jon Jones Since They Trained Together

UFC 145 is still over one month away, but that doesn’t mean Rashad Evans and Jon Jones aren’t ready to fire up the trash talk. In a pre-fight interview with, Evans states that he believes he has improved more than Jones since the last time they trained together over one year ago. Evans believes due to his move in training camp, he has been forced to improve while Jones’ skill set has remained stagnant.

I know how to beat him. There’s things about his game which he can’t change. The fact we used to train together, it gives me a lot of confidence. I know where I need to get to with Jon in order to fight my game. Jon’s a tall guy, can’t obviously fight on the outside, so got to get inside where I can fight my game.

I see a lot of spaces in Jon’s game for a lot of different things. You know, I am to the point where it doesn’t matter who you are, if I take you down, I am going to unleash some of my ground and pound on you. I think I’ve improved more since the last time we trained together. I’m in a new environment. I had to learn. He’s in the same environment, same coaches, learning the same thing.

YouTube Preview Image Video courtesy of TheSHOGUNmmaHD

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