VIDEO: Kenny Florian Says Judging In MMA Is Becoming More Laughable Every Day

In a segment titled “Going Out Swinging”, UFC lightweight and co-host of FUEL TV’s “UFC Tonight” Kenny Florian shared his opinion on how judging in the UFC and mixed martial arts should be changed. Florian has four major suggestions for an overhaul to the system, and feels it is time to start holding judges accountable for their mistakes and implementing adaptations to the system.

I’m not going to be the first person nor the last person to complain about judging in MMA. Whether it’s not knowing the sport or not knowing how to do simple math; the system becomes more laughable every day. These rules for these judges flip-flop more than Urijah Faber’s feet. Here’s how I’d change the system. The criteria of how to score a fight needs to change. It needs to be more clear of what winning a round really means, which will make it less open to interpretation. Next, lets force these judges to educate themselves. Anyone that wants to be a judge needs a year apprenticeship in the sport at the pro level. Third, lets give them a way to block out crowd noise. Drunk fans ‘oohing and ahhing’ shouldn’t have an effect on judge’s perception. And finally, we need to require TV monitors across the board. Judges sitting octagon side can’t always get all the angles. Every aspect of the system can, and should be improved. It’s the ugliest part of this great sport, and it’s time we all start really judging the judges.

YouTube Preview Image Video courtesy of fueltv

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