VIDEO: In-Depth Dana White Interview On His Life And The Growth Of The UFC

Prior to UFC 148 back on July 7, Aisha Tyler, host of “Girl on Guy” podcast, welcomed UFC president Dana White to her podcast for an extensive interview that is unlike many interviews with that you have heard before with the leader of the world’s biggest mixed martial arts organization.

In the nearly 70-minute conversation, Tyler and White talk about, among other things, White’s life growing up in Boston and Las Vegas, managing Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz, his purchase of the organization with the Fertitta brothers over a decade ago, the growth and evolution of the UFC and more.

If you are a follower of White’s work and interviews, you have probably already heard some of the stories he tells Tyler, but regardless of that, plenty of unique content comes out of the conversation and it is an extremely in-depth look at the life of the 43-year-old UFC president as well as the worldwide expansion of the UFC.

NOTE: Skip to the 8:00 mark of the embedded video to listen to the Dana White interview.

Posted by Fight Cove Staff | Media
  • Zidan

    Outstanding find guys!

  • zzgelo

    awesome podcast aisha!

  • Dozer

    Awesome interview, one of the best I’ve heard with Dana White, great stuff.