UFC President Dana White Calls Anderson Silva Unrealistic For Requesting 50% Of The UFC To Fight Jon Jones

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When UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva recently stated he would only take part in a superfight against UFC light heavyweight Jon Jones if the UFC gave him a 50% stake in the company, most interpreted the statement as Silva saying he will never fight Jones, or that the price tag to make the fight happen would be more than the UFC would be willing to put up.

“The question (about facing Jones) would have to be made to Dana White.” Silva told a Brazilian news outlet over the weekend. “Let’s ask if he’ll give me 50% of the UFC. If he will, maybe this fight will happen.”

It didn’t take long for news of Silva’s comments to get around to UFC President Dana White as a fan on Twitter asked him “Anderson wants 50% of the UFC, doesn’t that seem too far fetched, unrealistic?”

Without going into any detail, White responded to the fan with a simple, straightforward answer of, “Yup.”

White’s answer is to be expected. A 50% stake in the UFC is something White and fellow UFC owners Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta would never, ever be willing to give up. The amount of money Silva would make off the deal would be astronomical.

Nevertheless, a fight with Silva and Jones could still be possible. It can be said with near certainty Silva expected this type of response, but made the statement to send a message to the UFC that they will need to pay him a very large sum of money to step in the cage with Jones.

It was not all that long ago Silva and Jones were saying there is absolutely no chance they would ever fight each other. But since then, both have softened on that stance.

Cracks of sunlight are beginning to appear in what was once a completely dark room, is it just a matter of time until the room is filled with light and two of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet go to war?

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  • Saci Pererê

    I´m from Brazil and when I read this kind of article I find it very funny.

    In Brazil everybody, I mean EVERYBODY knows that Anderson Silva is joking when saying that he wants 50% of the UFC to fight Jones.

    Even the brazilain media annouces it this way – like a joke from Anderson.

    So, you guys in US should stop these kind of interpretations while Spider is just joking.

    • RampageLOL

      I didn’t really interpret the article that way.

      I think the article recognizes the fact Silva’s comments aren’t 100% honest and while it may be a joke, it could still be some posturing by him.

      Everyone wants this fight to happen so any time Silva or Jon Jones or Dana White make a comment on it, people are going to pay attention to what they have to say.

    • Some Prick

      I think everybody but the fan who asked Dana about it knew Silva was joking.

  • Sam

    Can’t believe an article had to be made to say that the UFC owners would not give up half of it’s shares to a fighter for a fight.