The 6 Best Photos From The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale

As the old saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. The saying applies to this day and without a doubt, applies to mixed martial arts as some of the sports most historic moments are relived through the images that captured them.

There is nothing better than a snapshot of a fighter dealing with tragedy or triumph, or a picture of a perfectly timed strike, every microscopic fragment of impact relived as limbs and jaws collide. A photo can display a range of emotions, happiness and sadness, victory and defeat. Every picture is different, each having a unique distinction and personal story.

That being said, lets look back at the 6 best photos from The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale, taken by Josh Hedges of

6. Josh Clopton Connects On Steven Siler’s Chin
On the preliminary portion of the card, Steven Siler and Josh Clopton traded fisticuffs for three rounds with Siler coming out on top via unanimous decision. Before the fight turned in Siler’s advantage, Clopton landed a beautiful overhand right that send Siler turning. By the look on his face, the punch got Siler’s attention. However, he would return the favor, as you will see later on.

5. Stephen Bass and Marcus Brimage Share A Moment
After a three round affair which primarily saw Marcus Brimage dominate Stephen Bass, the two “TUF” season 14 cast members embraced in the octagon in a true display of sportsmanship. Even after clearly losing, Bass (top) showed no hard feeling and gave Brimage his props.

4. Yves Edwards Lands A Head Kick
This head kick from Yves Edwards was one of many landed on Tony Ferguson when the two lightweights clashed on the main card of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale. Edwards displayed impressive speed and power in his high kicks, but Ferguson even more impressive was the “TUF 13 winners ability to eat them all and continue trotting forward. Look at the impact as the sweat flies from Ferguson’s head.

3. Diego Brandao Synchs The Armbar
In one of the most lightning fast submissions in recent memory, Diego Brandao took home “The Ultimate Fighter” season 14 featherweight trophy with a limb-wrenching armbar on Dennis Bermudez. Brandao locked up the arm from his back and had Bermudez tapping before his foe was rolled over for the referee to see. Perfect technique from Brandao as he bridges his hips, forcing his opponent to tap from the excruciating pain.

2. Tony Ferguson’s Rolling Omoplata
One of the most surprising techniques displayed at The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale event came in the Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards fight. In a quick and unexpected move, Feguson locked up Edwards arm between his legs and rolled for an omoplata shoulder lock. The maneuver sent color-commented Joe Rogan into a frenzy -as you can see in the background- and certainly proved Ferguson is much more than a talented striker.

1. Steven Siler Batters Josh Clopton
As mentioned earlier, Steven Siler would get his revenge on Josh Clopton, landing a big time right hand of his own. After getting tagged by Clopton on a few occasions, Siler managed to find his range on the feet, landing consistently to the face of his opponent and eventually winning a unanimous decision. Siler made a mess of Clopton’s face; this photo is a perfect summarization of his work.

(Photos by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)

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