Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Says Chael Sonnen Is “Ruining” MMA, Sonnen Responds

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Even though Chael Sonnen is scheduled to fight Jon Jones and Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is rumored to meet Glover Teixeira in his next bout, it hasn’t stopped the two fighters from entering each other crosshairs as of late.

On Monday’s edition of Inside MMA on AXS TV, host Bas Rutten conducted an interview with ‘Rampage’ where he asked the former light heavyweight champion for his opinion on Sonnen receiving a title shot without winning a fight in the division.

Jackson had no problem opening up with his thoughts, verbally attacking the punching power, trash talking ability and fighting style of Sonnen.

“His mouth gets his him fights. What’s his name? How do you say his name? ‘Chael?’ His mouth gets his ass in trouble. The dude is exciting for like two minutes, but then you just wanna turn down the volume, like, ‘What the hell you talkin’ about?’ He sounds like he practices his stuff in the mirror, and then he goes out and says it. He’s a great wrestler. That’s all I’m gonna say, ‘cuz everything else sucks. He can’t punch hard. Look what he did to Anderson Silva. He did a great job holding him down, making a boring fighter out of a decorated champion, for five rounds. After the fight, I see that Anderson Silva didn’t have a mark on him. Not a mark.”

“I talk trash, but I talk trash about people I’m actually gonna fight — people in my weight class. This guy, he talks trash about ring girls. He talks trash about the President. Now, that’s a little bit too much. He’s very disrespectful. I don’t like the guy. For real. The stuff he says about me. I like to joke around as much as anybody, but, for real, if I see Chael Sonnen, and he says anything to my face, I don’t know if I’m gonna smack him or not. I don’t know. I don’t like the guy.”

“Fighters like Chael Sonnen are just ruining the sport, taking people down and just humping on them.”

One day after Jackson’s interview aired, Sonnen took to Twitter and in typical fashion issued a hard-hitting response.

If I could understand a single word @rampage4real said about me I might be mildly offended.

Hard to hear @rampage4real all the way from the bottom of his pit of obscurity.

Ya know @rampage4real, I was wrong about your acting ability. Calling me out was your best performance yet.

With only one fight remaining on Jackson’s contract, there’s no telling if a bout with Sonnen will ever materialize. However, should ‘Rampage’ remain in the UFC, there is a definiate possibility the fight could take place.

Jackson and Sonnen are two of the most marketable personalities in the sport and know how to generate interest in a fight. Should it ever happen, Jackson vs. Sonnen may not be the best fight you’ve ever seen, but matching arguably the two best talkers in MMA against one another can together can only bring attention to the sport.

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