Miguel Torres Cut From The UFC Roster (UPDATED)

UFC bantamweight Miguel Torres has been cut from the UFC roster, according to president Dana White in an interview with SI.com.

“Miguel Torres has been cut from the UFC and his career with us now is over.” White said.

The release comes on the heels of a rape related tweet Torres put out on his personal twitter account that stated the following.

“If a rape van was called a surprise van more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them. Everyone likes surprises.”

got a full explanation from White after the jump.

This morning I’m on [Michael] Landsburg’s show, up here in Canada, and he hits me with the quote of what he tweeted. Now there’s no explanation for that. There’s absolutely nothing I could say to make any sense of that. And the fact that he even thinks that’s funny or that’s a joke, it disturbs me. It bothers me. Again, you’re dealing with a guy that’s a smart guy, that owns his own business, that’s been one of the top fighters in the world forever. And I cut him today. He’s no longer with the UFC.

Torres explained the tweet was only meant to be a joke, but that did not sit well with the UFC president, and the former WEC bantamweight champion will now be forced to look for employment elsewhere.

No, this was the first time. And then he said he hadn’t heard what happened to Forrest [Griffin, who drew fire for tweeting "Rape is the new missionary" last month]. Really? Where do you live? What business are you in? How do you not hear about these things? You should have paid more attention. It’s to the point now where, there’s going be times when things happen and mistakes are made. I cannot defend Miguel Torres. I cannot defend what he said. What he said makes no sense other than when he says, “It was a joke.” Well, I don’t think that’s a funny joke. I think it’s disturbing.

Torres fought three times under the UFC banner, amassing a 2-1 octagon record. He most recently fought at UFC 139 in November, defeating Nick Pace via Unanimous Decision.

UPDATE: Dana White explained the cut of Torres to Ariel Helwani of MMAFighting

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  • Travis Fulton

    I don’t agree with White at all. He compares Torres to Rashad and Forrest but what about the dozens of other cases out there of the UFC letting fighters go without punishment?

    - Matt Hughes released a biography where he talked about beating up his own father and torturing farm animals. Torture < rape joke

    - Melvin Guillard was the first fighter to ever test positive for cocaine and he wasn't released. Cocaine < Rape joke

    - Frank Mir said on television that he'd like to cause the first death in MMA by killing Brock Lesnar in the cage. Murder threat < Rape joke

    I could go on and on…

    • Shaun

      Wait….are you really Travis Fulton? If so that hilarious and I agree with every point you made.

  • Steve

    its come out that Miguel was quoting the show “its always sunny in philadelphia”.. which, ironically, airs on FX. so, while im a big supporter of Dana, i cant support this decision. it seems his reason is very similar to Forrest Griffin.

  • Mauricio

    Miguel deserves to be cut. He’s not even good so whatever.

    • Jared

      Are you a retard? Torres is an amazing BW and has the BEST BW resume of all time. He beat Mighty Mouse and got robbed and should’ve been fighting Cruz for the title. Do a little research before you post moron.

      • Mauricio

        HAHA I love it when rookies like you speak up. First, Torres LOST a UD to Might Mouse you idiot. Secondly, Miguel was never that good.. frankly the guy has never beat anyone at the top of the BW division (name one). I remember when idiots like you put him near the top of your so called “pound for pound” list, well.. we’re all laughing at you now! The UFC lost nothing with this decision, if anything, they saved themselves from many future headaches.

        • Mick

          You’re a fucking noob, straight up.

          • Mauricio

            Hey Mick, take your “noob” comment back to highschool when you used to play world of warcraft… oh wait, you clearly still play you loser. If you have a problem with my comments then elaborate yourself. You’re soft as butter, STRAIGHT UP.

          • Josh


            he’s 40-4. He went 38-1 to start his career, most of which he fought at higher weight classes. You dont do that unless you’re a great fighter. His record shows a loss to Mighty Mouse, but all hardcore fans i know, and even the casual fans who watched that fight thought Torres won based on his sweeps and sub attempts. Johnson held him down… and did nothing. This isnt Mixed Wrestling Arts, its Mixed Martial Arts. Do you know what the root of the term “Martial” is? I’ll give you a hint, it has no relation to Points, Sports, or Wrestling.

            Back to the topic at hand… it’s complete BS. He quoted a show that airs on FX… where the new “The Ultimate Fighter” seasons will be aired. Its a double standard, and it’s completely arbitrary for Dana to make blanket statement about whats acceptable and whats not to say ON YOUR OWN TWITTER. Since when has anyone in the free world endorsed or promoted censorship? Torres didnt do anything that millions of internet kids do on a daily basis. If Dana had a problem with it, he should have punished him fairly… not fire the 2nd best 135er on the planet.

  • Vattic

    This is how you treat your fighters, Dana? Despicable.

    • Rob

      Amen. What a load of garbage.

  • peteyandjia-is-GAY

    Watch my gay videos on Youtube and worship my power on Sherdog forums.


  • Andy

    Why didn’t Dana explain why he started laughing when Rashad said the Penn State rape joke??? Fire yourself jackass!

    • BigBoss2901

      Ya no shit! What the fuck was that. He said in an interview that he “didn’t hear’ the joke Evans made.


  • Iain

    Dana’s own mother has accused him of beating his wife as has Frank Shamrock.

  • FightFan

    The fact Dana laughed at the Penn State comments is awful and he should feel pressure to resign.

  • Scott

    I agree with Dana on this. Even though I don’t agree on a lot of what he says. I.e. Mayhem

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