Michael Bisping Feels He’s In His Prime Going Into UFC 152 Bout With Brian Stann

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With Sept. 22 fast approaching, Michael Bisping is gearing up for UFC 152 and arguably the most important fight of his career against Brian Stann.

Bisping (22-4) is a 16-fight UFC veteran who has floated near the top of division for the past few years, but has never been able to get over the hump and cement himself as the number one contender.

The fight with Stann is extremely important for the British fighter as he could potentially be granted a title shot with a win. Bisping knows how important his UFC 152 fight is and feels now is the perfect time in his career to become world champion.

“I’m getting better and better with every fight,” Bisping said in a pre-fight interview with UFC.com. “I’m maturing as a fighter, I feel I’m in my prime and I’m ready to beat Brian Stann and then take that title.”

The 33-year-old spent his training camp for UFC 152 at HP Ultimate in California alongside some of the top fighters and coaches in the world. Stann is known for his knockout power and Bisping is training accordingly. While on paper Stann may appear to be the more heavy-handed of the two, Bisping wants to remind his opponent in MMA, anyone can be knocked out.

“He’s got decent punching power and that’s what I’m going to have to watch out for. I can punch pretty hard myself,” said Bisping. “Get two guys as big as we are, that have done martial arts or some kind of training for as long as we have, and put four ounce gloves on, anybody’s got the ability to knock somebody out, and if he thinks I can’t knock him out then the guy is (expletive) crazy.”

Should “The Count” knock Stann out in Toronto it would send waves through the UFC and throw Bisping’s name on the short list of 185-pound title contenders. Bisping has had two chances to become number one contender in the past, but fell short against both Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen.

Now that he considers himself in the prime of his career, the Manchester native wants to fight for the belt and feels the third time is the charm. Bisping feels that, should he win in impressive fashion at UFC 152, he will deserve a fight against middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I want my (title) shot,” Bisping explained. “People have had their shot, bums have had their shot stepped in there and fallen over with a little slap, I won’t do that. I’ll turn up the fight. Anderson Silva will be in the fight of his life when we fight. And we will fight, we will fight.”

“I will beat Brian Stann then I will fight Anderson Silva.”

As the days wind down to UFC 152, Bisping is ready to make a statement to fans and the UFC that he is the top contender. When the cage door closes it is only Bisping and Stann inside the cage and only one man can continue to climb the ladder. Bisping hopes to be that man.

“This isn’t UK verse America, this is Michael Bisping versus Brian Stann,” he said. “It’s an individual sport and come the twenty-second of September I’m going to individually kick the crap out of Brian Stann.”

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