“Knockout Of The Night” Breakdown: UFC on FOX Edition

The first UFC fight on FOX showed spectators a perfect example of how powerful heavyweights MMA can be. One swing of the fist was all it took for Junior dos Santos to becoming new UFC heavyweight champion.

It was a highlight reel knockout for dos Santos, who came into the fight with an undefeated UFC record. While DaMarques Johnson’s KO of Clay Harvison was a strong contender for the award, dos Santos’ is more than deserving of the 65 thousand dollar bonus he received for the finish.

Lets take a closer look at the techniques used by dos Santos as he finished Velasquez in FightCove’s “Knockout Of the Night” Breakdown: UFC on FOX Edition.

To start off, why not watch the knockout again? It came only 64 seconds into the first round.

Coming into Saturdays main event, Velasquez was a force to be reckoned with. The American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) trained fighter had shown a durable chin and the power to stop any fight leading into Saturday’s bout. After the fight, many have critisized Velasquez for his performance and wondered what led to the fight ending so fast. The answer: power and accuracy.

With any big punch or kick, the chances of the strike landing are increased when a fighter sets it up. Before dos Santos threw the overhand right that dropped Velasquez, he set the strike up with a basic jab. If you look closely, this type of jab is not meant to hurt or even connect with your opponent, it is meant to distract and take a fighter off for whats to follow. Welterweight contender Thiago Alves displayed this technique perfectly in his UFC 90 fight with Josh Koscheck. However, instead of following with a punch, Alves delivered a chopping leg kick. Check it out.

As a result of the pawing jab of dos Santos, Velasquez made the mistake of throwing a left hook, leaving himself wide open for dos Santos’ perfectly placed overhand right. Velasquez had no chance to recover, dos Santos pounced immediately, throwing 11 unanswered punches and forcing referee “Big” John McCarthy to call an end to the fight. In another brilliant striking performance, the devastating overhand right of dos Santos’ landed due to a combination of beautiful technique, crippling power and pin-point accuracy. It was the fifth first round knockout in the UFC career of dos Santos, further proving he possesses some of the deadliest boxing in the sport.

Here is another angle of the knockout for good measure. (Click Image)

(GIF courtesy of IronForgesIron.com)

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