Georges St-Pierre Says He Was “Completely Burned Out” Before His Knee Injury

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UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been out of action for roughly 15 months now due to a torn ACL in his knee that required surgery and months of rehab. St-Pierre, who is arguably the biggest star in the sport, is expected to make his return to action at UFC 154 next November as he is scheduled to face interim championship title-holder Carlos Condit in a unification match.

By the time GSP returns to the octagon, it will have been approximately 20-months since he last competed, by far the longest layoff of his career. Some fighters would be extremely discouraged after taking such a long hiatus from the sport they are used to competing in every few months, but in an interview with UK website “The Sun”, the 31-year-old explained that he was burned out from the sport prior to the injury and he believes the time off has given him the time to refocus on the sport he has dominated for so long. Always a positive thinker, St-Pierre claims he will comeback as a “new guy” and states he is very motivated to return to the cage. Read his full comments below.

“I’ve never been injured like this in my career. This is the first big injury that’s kept me out of the sport for such a long time. I was completely burned out before I got it.

“I was over-trained and wasn’t having as much fun as I used to before because of all the pressure and all the critics. So the fact that I hurt my knee allowed me to take a break, step back and see what my priorities were and change a lot of things in my life and in my training. I’m coming back as a new guy and I’ve never been as relieved. I’m having fun again.

“It’s been the most frustrating period of my career but it’s allowed a whole lot of new challengers to appear.It’s going to be fun because I’m not going to have to fight the same guys all over again — it’s a new challenge and I feel very motivated about that.”

“The key to this whole thing is to have fun so that’s what I’m going to focus on. When you have fun in what you do best — that’s when you’re successful.”

St-Pierre also shared his thoughts on the upcoming UFC 148 middleweight championship bout between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen. Read what the French-Canadian had to say about the most anticipated fight of the year below.

“I believe Anderson Silva is the best guy in the history of our sport but he has a tough, tough challenge in Chael Sonnen.

“It’s going to be tough. Anderson Silva is a very smart guy — we’ll see if he’s going to be able to adjust himself. Last time he won the fight — that’s the difference between a champion and a guy who’s not a champion — they can always find a way to win and that’s what he did in their last fight.

“You can say what you want about that fight but he won at the end but Chael Sonnen has his number for sure and has the style to make him look bad.”

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  • RampageLOL

    GSP was burned out? Okay…I find this strange since is one of the more inactive champions on the roster. I guess fighting two times a year really took it out of him!


      LMAO the most inactive champion? really, try anderson silva dude, give your head a shake, then it was frankie edgar , had almost 18 months off, before his 2nd bout with grey maynard. Fighting 2 times per year, .. anderson went almost 2 yrs with 1 fight dumass, get your facts straight, and then he has a fight like Thales leites, lol that was brilliant, .. haha too funny, haters gonna hate.

  • MDT

    Burnout from training you dumbass. Most fighters will take a long extended break inbetween fights and work themselves back into fighting shape a month or two prior to their fight but it sounds like GSP been over training even without a fight scheduled. That’s a true reflection of his work ethic and dedication to always improving, one of the greatest of all time.

    • Yup!

      Spot on man. RampageLOL is an idiot. Must be completely ignorant if he really thinks this.

  • jm

    If you do the math 2 title fights =10 rounds, 3 non title =9 rounds… Not to mention you have the pressure of losing the belt and you’re fighting the very top of the crop.