Dana White Still Heated About Clay Guida And Greg Jackson’s “Insane” Game Plan Against Gray Maynard

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UFC president Dana White is still livid about Clay Guida’s performance against Gray Maynard at UFC on FX 4 on June 22.

The fight, which Guida lost via split decision, was one of the most disappointing UFC main events in recent memory. At the event’s post-fight press conference, White called Maynard vs. Guida one of the worst fights in UFC history. White’s anger, however, was not directed at both competitors. All the heat went the way of Guida and was partially rubbed off on his head coach, Greg Jackson. Since the fight, Guida and Jackson have been trounced in criticism for putting together a game plan that did not cadre to Guida’s strengths and more importantly, was unpleasant to watch.

Although it has been over a week since the bout occurred, White pulled no punches when he was asked about Guida’s strategy and if Greg Jackson’s game plans are “ruining” the sport during a recent interview with Sirius XM satellite radio. Read White’s long-breathed rant about Guida and Jackson below.

“I read a really weird story, an interview that was done with (Greg) Jackson, and Jackson said ‘Yeah, well, the old style that he (Clay Guida) used to come out and fight with that was so entertaining, he lost most of those fights’. Guess what Greg? He lost that fight too. And he had the entire crowd turn on him and starts booing him. The bottom line is Clay Guida isn’t the most well rounded mixed martial artist you’re ever going to meet, right? He has a certain style that cannot be emulated and he has a work ethic that’s second-to-none. He’s in your face the whole time, he’s aggressive and if he fought his style the way that he normally fights, could he have got knocked out by (Gray Maynard)? Yes. Maybe he could have. It could have happened. Gray hits hard. But, the other thing that could have happened is he could have wore Gray out by the third round and maybe took Gray Maynard out in the fourth or fifth. That’s his style. Not only has that style made him incredibly popular, it’s made him a lot of money in ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses, in a lot of other things too and it’s kept him around the UFC for a long time. So yes, Greg Jackson went in there with this game plan, ‘Oh look it, this is how Frankie Edgar beat him’. Well Clay Guida can’t pull off what Frankie Edgar does.”

“If he would have went out and put on a war, Gray and Clay are two of the best fighters in that division, in the world. I mean if you go out and you put on a war, that’s what people want to see. The thing is, and when I went out and started talking after that fight, I swear to god on my children, I had no clue that Greg Jackson had trained him for that fight. I didn’t care who trained him, I said ‘Whoever the moron is that told this guy to go out and run around in circles in this day in age of judging and reffing and everything else, you think you’re going to win a fight like that?’ That is insane.”

White goes on to say that it would have been “a (expletive) disaster if the decision had got the nod in that that fight. The thoughts of the UFC president are similar to what this writer echoed in an article last week regarding retired UFC fighter Kenny Florian’s remarks about fighters fighting to win versus fighting to entertain on FUEL TV’s UFC Tonight news program.

Putting on entertaining fights is what Clay Guida has done best over the course of his nearly six-year, 16-fight UFC career. There is no argument there. After all the criticism Guida has received, especially including this latest tangent from the man who signs his paychecks, it’s probably safe to say it would be in the best interest of “The Carpenter” to go back to the style that has won him seven UFC post-fight bonuses.

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  • El Tigre

    The guy has put on the best fights in UFC history. The second he decides to try a different strategy, everyone turns on him. Yeah it was a shitty fight, but the critics don’t know what it is to get in there and be a fighter. I say give the man the respect he deserves for putting his ass on the line…which is something the average man doesn’t have the courage to do. I look forward to seeing him fight again, and wish Clay the best of luck.